How To Avoid Getting Caught Torrenting

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Please note that this article is not intented to encourage you to download copyrighted content. Still we want to discuss how you can torrent anonymously and securely to generally make sure you won’t get into legal trouble, for whatever reason.

There are basically two ways to safely download torrents as much as you want:

How To Avoid Being Tracked While Torrenting – Option #1:

The first way is to create a secure technical setup on your own, which will have to include a virtual private network (VPN), a torrent download software, an anti-virus software for checking the downloaded files and – what the most savvy techies would do – install a virtual box that will only be used for your torrenting activity.

A virtual box is a separate computer within you computer, like a container, that will keep your main system out of the game. A VPN comes at a cost, make sure you never use a free one for torrenting activity. We’ll explain the reason why later in this article.

Summary of what you need if you set up all on your own:

  • VPN
  • torrent client
  • antivirus software
  • virtual box

How To Avoid Being Tracked While Torrenting – Option #2:

The second way: If all of this sounds like a lot of effort to you and you’d prefer a way of secure and anonymous torrenting that is way easier, then a cloud torrent service like or one of the others is exactly what you need. Cloud torrent services take care for all those security measures – the only thing you need to do is sign up at such a service and start downloading anonymously. Check the exact explanation how cloud torrent services work below the comparison table on this page.

Summary of what you need if you want to securely torrent the easy way:

  • cloud torrent service

More About Secure Torrenting with VPN

How To Avoid Your Internet Service Provider From Knowing You Are Torrenting: As long as your IP address and therefore your local location are not visible, you can easily and securely download torrents – via a virtual private network. In this article, I’ll go into more detail on how this works, why an encrypted connection is essential for torrent download and security, and how you can securely use a torrent with VPN. This is a very important issue because the law in your country might be very strict about torrents. For this reason it is essential to know how to safely download and use Torrent.

Download Torrents Safely

In many countries BitTorrent websites are forbidden by law. One of the best known BitTorrent sites is “The Pirate Bay”. The attempt to ban this site has already gone through several instances, but without success. In fact, the court had initially banned “The Pirate Bay”. Since this falls under censorship, the case was appealed to the European Court of Justice. The European Court of Justice has declared the Torrent website guilty – now the court has the word again.

If one day a ban should be imposed nevertheless, then in the Internet a whole quantity of alternative Torrent Websites exist. In addition, clever technology can still be used to gain access to these sites – namely via a virtual private (self-contained) communication network or a so-called proxy server. In this way you can download torrents unhindered.

Use Torrent Safely With VPN: Download Torrents Over A Secure VPN Connection

P2P Safe Loading

Even if a court ruling banned “The Pirate Bay” and made it inaccessible, there are countless other solutions on the Internet, including a number of torrent websites. The torrents are a bit like drug policy. If torrents were legalized, there would be less crime.

So if a torrent site is blocked – don’t worry! As I mentioned before, there are many alternatives to download torrents. For example, via a virtual private network. So you can safely use a torrent with VPN. Another possibility is a so called proxy browser like Tor. This is also a practical solution for downloading torrents.

P2P and torrent download are prohibited in some countries. However, the use of a virtual pvirvate network is not. This allows you not only to download anonymously, but also to avoid geographical blockades. A good example is Netflix. If you live in Germany, you cannot access the American Netflix because it is blocked. However, if you have an encrypted connection, you can also use the entire US Netflix streaming service here and download films. The geographical blockades have something to do with copyrights. Not every Netflix library is activated for every country. In addition, the Netflix offering in the USA, for example, is much larger than, for example, in Germany. In addition, the series in the USA are always up to date, in other countries often not.

Secure VPN Connection: Download Torrents Securely And Load P2P Securely

Torrent Security: There is a simple and convenient way to securely download Torrent or use Torrent and load P2P securely – over an encrypted connection. Since we also don’t know what the future will bring from a legal point of view, we should already be looking at how it is possible to download P2P or torrents. With a virtual private communication network subscription you are on the safe side. I have created a list of the top providers with which you can safely download Torrent and safely use Torrent – this is based on the following criteria:

  • User friendliness and quality
  • Network and Peripherals
  • Countries covered and price

I know all the providers and have tested them all myself. I work completely independently.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN

What is a virtual private communication network?

downloadingIt secures all your communications on the Internet using end-2-end encryption. This prevents unauthorised access to your data and prevents third parties from interrupting the connection. Your complete Internet communication is protected over the secure connection. Neither hackers, government agencies, nor your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see what you are doing on the Internet. So you can download anonymously, safely download P2P and securely download torrents without being disturbed. The virtual private network makes all this possible.

With a good provider you have the possibility to choose between many different servers in different countries and log in there. Your IP address is hidden via the encrypted connection so that you can also access geographically blocked or censored pages. For example, it is possible to access the American Netflix service from Germany and vice versa. If, for example, you spend a lot of time abroad or on business trips, you can also watch your favourite TV program from there.

Download Torrent safely: A Virtual Private Network therefore offers you the invaluable advantage that you will never miss your favourite program again and that you can also safely download torrents, safely download P2P and generally download anonymously.

Keep Your Hands Off Free VPN Services

Due to my extensive experience I can recommend in good conscience and quite clearly: Stay away from free offers. Always remember: Nothing is free in life – your mother may have always recommended this to you. Believe her (and me) – even on virtual private network services this applies to 100 percent.

With a Virtual Private Network it is not a good idea to look at the money. The reason is obvious: If the provider doesn’t charge money for his services, he has to earn money in some other way. And with your data. It stores the logs and collects your data. He then sells them to the highest bidder. In the worst case, it even goes one step further: it can happen that not only your data is misused, but malware is installed on your computer at the same time without you noticing it.

Download Torrent safely – please do not try with a free VPN. Most free services for streaming movies or downloading torrents do not work because the connection is constantly disconnected. When choosing a VPN, be sure to pay attention to torrent security.

What Does A Secure VPN Cost?

Download Torrent securely for an attractive price: A secure virtual private network is not expensive, absolutely affordable and can offer you the invaluable advantage of Torrent security. The average price is about 3 to 8 Euro per month. It can even get a little cheaper, even with the top providers – if you take out an annual subscription. This is usually the cheapest solution. In addition, most providers offer a test phase with a duration of 3 to 30 days. During this time you can test the virtual private network. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back via the money back guarantee.

So There Is No Risk!

In addition, you can use several devices simultaneously with the Virtual Private Network for each service – also called Multi-Login. The number of devices you can connect at the same time varies depending on the provider. Normally there are between three and six devices per connection. So you can use your virtual private network with your friends or family – and share the costs at the same time. This makes it even cheaper for you.