Cloud Torrent Provider Alternatives

On this page you find the best alternatives for your current cloud torrent service.

In the field of cloud torrenting there are actually not that much good services as you might expect. Compared to other niches of digital service platforms not many companies seem to be attracted by this niche and willing to setup a reasonable service. Money is likely not the reason since secure cloud torrenting is definitely an area where people are willing to pay something in order to be able to download anonymously and easily without having to put a lot of effort in a secure cloud torrenting setup on their own.

So there are really just a handful of good cloud torrent alternatives out there that are recommended, in case you shouldn’t be satisfied with one that you’ve already tried.

On this page you find a complete list of the best cloudtorrent services at a glance. So if you’re searching for a good alternative, a service that can replace cloudload or an alternative for – this overview presents the market leaders and the only more or less recommendable and reliable providers for this very specific kind of digital service: Review
96 Review is a Czech cloud-torrenting service from provider COOL SHEEP TECHNOLOGIES s.r.o. and it is located in Prague. It claims to be the next generation torrent client, offering fast speed and reliability in the torrent concept. Besides the narrow spectrum of downloading torrents to the cloud, however, offers another option. You can avoid downloading […] Review
92 Review

First of all,’s concept is a bit different from their competitors, because they aren’t focused on torrenting in that sense. Since the signup is easy and free, you can check out quickly if the service suits your needs or not. But let’s have a look at what exactly this download and streaming service is […] Review
86 Review

Yourseedbox is a Belgian website that has been around since 2008 and offers cloud torrent services worldwide. It acts mainly as a seedbox, allowing both download and torrent seeding. All their plans lead to their actual service website, where users get access to their control panels. The domain (registered to Mr. Tim Bracquez) […] Review
90 Review

CloudLoad is a company focused in online storage that also offers cloud-based torrent downloads. The company was launched in September 2013, but an earlier version of its website existed back in 2012, along with an official Twitter profile. The platform works completely online, with no additional software required to use the service. The only requirement […] Review
77 Review

Premiumize is a service run by Nokotek Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong in November 7, 2013 with registration number 1992931. The service itself started in June 9, 2011 as an aggregated premium membership service (hence its name). Premiumize back in September 15, 2012. The site started as a premium aggregator No public information […] Review
62 Review

ZbigZ is a Canadian cloud torrent and storage company, which started operating in 2012. ZbigZ back in 2012, image retrieved from their official Facebook account All the services offered by the platform work directly from the cloud, which translates into no software required to use them. What does ZbigZ offer? Three services are highlighted on […] Review
84 Review is a Russian cloud torrenting and storage site launched in February 12, 2012 in public beta. An early version of the site existed back in 2011, but it was available only in Russian. during its early days. Snapshot from April 29, 2012, taken from the wayback machine. The platform works completely online, with […] Review
56 Review

Torrent Safe is an anonymous cloud torrent site, hosted in San Francisco (CA, 94107, United States) and based in Thailand. It acts as an intermediary to protect the identity of its users by downloading torrents to its servers and then making the files available to the end user through a URL. The service is also […]