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First of all,’s concept is a bit different from their competitors, because they aren’t focused on torrenting in that sense. Since the signup is easy and free, you can check out quickly if the service suits your needs or not. But let’s have a look at what exactly this download and streaming service is about.

Offcloud is a Software as a Service helping users to retrieve any files and data from the cloud. The file hosting platform allows the user to both store files in the cloud and download files.

A special feature is the ability to upload external files found on the Internet directly to via their URL. So you don’t have to download such files to your PC and then send them to the cloud service, but can copy the file directly from the web into the cloud.

In principle, it is a download management platform supporting a number of content platforms where you can download from. The supported platforms include well-known streaming sites such as Youtube or Vimeo and last but not least large porn platforms. Among the supported cloud storage services you’ll find,,,,,,, and many others.

The exact number of websites and video platforms is planning to support in the near future is 181. At the Moment they only support the ones named above and a few dozens more. You easily find the list of currently supported websites within your user account on the right bottom side.

Using Offcloud for Free

Customers have the possibility to use Offcloud for free, but of course with restrictions. The test account contains 3 links from which you can download files as well as a total of 10GB of data that you can save. Pricing

In the paid subscription there is then access to all features of the service, such as unlimited download links, all supported platforms to search for files and unlimited storage capacity. A fair offer, as we find. pricing

So there is one package in the end, but it can be booked for different runtimes. As always with such subscription systems, the monthly subscription is cheaper if you take a longer term.

How To Use The Offcloud Download Service

The registration for the free test account is super easy, it doesn’t get any easier – you just have to enter an email address. Then a confirmation link will be sent immediately to the address where you can set your password and you are already in your brand new account on

Now it is possible to store files up to a total of 10GB. Be it uploaded from your own computer or downloaded from the internet.

In detail, the cloud download service offers the following possibilities:

Offcloud account instant

Instant: With this menu item you can immediately download or stream any files from the Internet… Any kind of links can be entered, such as http, https, ftp or magnet links.

Cloud: This menu item leads to the function with which you can temporarily store any file from the Internet in the cloud. As with Instant, all you have to do is enter the link and press the button next to it.

Remote: Another option is to specify a remote account, for example an ftp access to a server or an external cloud storage account, in which any file is stored instead of being stored in the offcloud. In this way you can use Offcloud as a transfer service, but save the files in another private location of your choice.

Remote Target Offcloud

Offcloud even supports newsgoups and Usenet, however Usenet downloads are capped at 20GB per day.

Offcloud Apps

The cloud download service offers couple of convenient browser extensions that allow the service to integrate with any popular Internet browser and then be used much faster and more conveniently.

So there is an Offcloud extension available for Chrome, Firefox Opera, Safari and Edge.

In addition there is even an Offcloud App which integrates the program directly into Google Chrome or Google Drive. The extensions and apps can be found under the corresponding menu item.

Offcloud also offers a referral system for recommendations. Thus, if you recommend the program to friends and acquaintances, you can do this via a personal friendship link (referral link), whereby you then receive a small commission in each case. You can use this commission to pay your own subscription in your account or you can have the amounts paid out to you. Thus the possibility is offered to get the paid subscription quasi free of charge.

Apps Offcloud


Of course, there is also customer support available, but only in the form of ticket support. You can reach the customer service within your account via the button “Open Ticket” in the support area. As a rule, you should receive an answer within a few hours.

However, many questions can already be answered via the FAQ, which are already answered in the support area. Questions about functions, payment, affiliates and API will be answered there. The individual menu items such as “Instant”, “Cloud” and “Remote” are also explained in detail.

Offcloud maintains a Twitter account, on which many questions can also be answered.


The nearly 750,000 registered users speak for the quality of the service. We also like the simplicity and high usability of the user interface the account. With its practical functions and its scope of features it is in our eyes one of the branch’s top services.

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