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Monthly Costs:
  • Free Limited Account
  • $9.99 monthly plan
  • $69.99 yearly plan
  • Premium:
    €8.99 (1 month),
    €19.99 (3 months)
    and €59.99 (1 year)
  • booster packages:
    €7.99 (1,000 points),
    €19.99 (3,000 points),
    €29.99 (6,000 points) and
    €49.99 (12,000 points)
  • Downloading
  • Streaming
  • Cloud Storage
  • Not an actual Torrent Service
  • Cloud Torrent
  • Cloud Storage
  • Filehost unlocking
  • Geo unrestrict
  • Usenet file fetching
  • VPN
  • VoIP
Torrent Details:
  • No actual torrenting service
  • unlimited storage
  • no download limits
  • compatible with newsgroups
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • no download speed limits
  • torrent specs strongly depend on the amount of points available
Max Torrent Filesize:
Max Torrent FilesizeUnlimited
Max Torrent Filesizesubject to available points (1,000 GB with no booster packages)
File Lifetime:
File Lifetimen/a
File Lifetimeunlimited (as long as you pay for the storage)
Online Storage:
Storage SpaceUnlimited
Storage Spaceyes
Special Features:
Special Features
  • Browser Extensions and Google Chrome/Drive Apps
Special Features
  • affiliate program
  • compatible with download managers
  • no free tier or trial
TrialYes, Free Account
  • No Need for Software Download
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy Pricing
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Anonymous downloads
  • A broad range of services offered
  • Every user is free to arm his own package by distributing his points according to his needs
  • Unlimited file lifetime (as long as you pay)
  • No actual torrenting service
  • No Antivirus Scan
  • No Encryption
  • No 24/7 Live Chat Available
  • 100% uptime is not guaranteed and users are not compensated always for downtimes
  • Customer support has plenty of room for improvement
  • Expensive, depending on the use case
  • No antivirus
  • No free or trial accounts
  • Too focused on the European market
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