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Monthly Costs:
  • Free Limited Account
  • $9.99 monthly plan
  • $69.99 yearly plan
  • Tiny plan $1.95
  • Small plan $5
  • Standard plan $10
  • Big plan $15
  • Downloading
  • Streaming
  • Cloud Storage
  • Not an actual Torrent Service
  • Cloud Torrent
  • Streaming
Torrent Details:
  • No actual torrenting service
  • unlimited storage
  • no download limits
  • compatible with newsgroups
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • no download speed limits
  • anti-virus filescans
  • up to 250 GB file storge
  • no download limits
  • 20 slots (pbig plan)
  • unlimited daily downloads (big plan)
  • no download speed limits
  • no limit to file lifetime
Max Torrent Filesize:
Max Torrent FilesizeUnlimited
Max Torrent Filesize250GB
File Lifetime:
File Lifetimen/a
File Lifetimen/a
Online Storage:
Storage SpaceUnlimited
Storage SpaceAs per plan
Special Features:
Special Features
  • Browser Extensions and Google Chrome/Drive Apps
Special Features
  • RSS downloader
TrialYes, Free Account
  • No Need for Software Download
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy Pricing
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Super-Fast
  • Encryption and Antivirus Scan
  • Various Plans
  • No Need for Software Download
  • Use of Bitcoin and 30 Day Full Money Refund Guarantee
  • No actual torrenting service
  • No Antivirus Scan
  • No Encryption
  • No 24/7 Live Chat Available
  • No 24/7 Live Chat Available
  • Some Personal Data Collected by
  • Free Plan Quite Limited
First of all,’s concept is a bit different from their competitors, because they aren’t focused on torrenting in that sense. Since the signup is easy and free, you can check out quickly if the service suits your needs or not. But let’s have a look at what exactly this download and streaming service is […] View Test »
About is a Czech cloud-torrenting service from provider COOL SHEEP TECHNOLOGIES s.r.o. and it is located in Prague. It claims to be the next generation torrent client, offering fast speed and reliability in the torrent concept. Besides the narrow spectrum of downloading torrents to the cloud, however, offers another option. You can avoid downloading […] View Test »